Welcome to Tetris Rally 8P – The object of this game is to clear your way down the obstacle course in order to reach the GOAL zone before your opponents do. The first player to lock down a Tetrimino onto the GOAL zone will be declared the winner!

• Let gravity be your friend: Avoid unnecessary stacking in an attempt to set–up big Line clears! Single line clears will likely be more rewarding than a Tetris or T–Spin.

• Watch the Map: Observe the map to the right of the Matrix and look for upcoming obstacles. Tactical planning with the right line clear could result in a chain reaction that will rapidly shoot you down the course.

• Keep your colors separated from your whites: Same Colored Tetriminos bond together creating an adhesive block, which has greater difficulty falling through the course. Loose Minos drop to the surface below, potentially creating complete Lines that will clear as a result.

• Use Items to your advantage: Items come in two different colors, red and blue. Red Items will cast magic on your opponents, and the blue Items will cast magic on your own Matrix. A complete list of items is provided below. By default, the "Auto Item" feature is ON, which means Items will automatically activate shortly after being picked up. We recommend for new players to keep this feature ON, so the game can manage the Items while you manage your way through the course.

For advanced players, try turning off the "Auto Item" feature to strategically plan out the use of items. Be sure to use your Items wisely and often, because Item slots must be open to receive new Items.

Red Items (Use on your opponents)

    Item Description
    Bomb – Send your opponents a detonating device that creates havoc upon explosion.
    Speed Up – Increases your opponents’ drop speed for a short period of time.
    Blind – Temporarily covers your opponents’ Matrices with fog.
    Tower – Builds an obstructing tower in your opponent’s Matrix.
    Lock – Stop opponents’ Tetriminos from rotating for a short time.

Blue Items (Use on yourself)