It doesn’t get much more simple than N-Blox. Pretty much every bell and whistle that has been invented for Tetris is absent in this lightweight variant, including Combos, the Hold Queue and Ghost Piece. The only way to really rack up points is with Tetrises, which are worth big points in this pared-down Tetris game. There's no end to N-Blox, so take your time; just be aware that the game will go up in level (and thus go faster) after every 10 lines cleared.

• Throw most of your advanced techniques out the window. It’s just you and the Tetrimino, so you better know how to maneuver it correctly.

• Lock Downs are not immediate, but the time you have to manipulate a Tetrimino once it lands is not as long as in other variants. You can move the Tetrimino around for only a quick moment after it lands.

• Tetrises are worth big points, but the lack of a Hold Queue and even Combo bonuses make waiting for back-to-back Tetrises a waste of time.

• Soft Drop and Hard Drops aren't worth extra points, but you still earn points for every line a Tetrimino drops. Over a long period of time, you'll scrape up a few extra points by keeping your Matrix low and letting each Tetrimino fall as far as possible.

Check out these recommended concepts and the scoring information for N-Blox:
The Tetris / The Next Queue.

N-Blox uses a scoring system unlike any of the other Tetris variants.
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The Tetris

The scoring system in Tetris rewards clearing more than one line at a time. Clearing two lines is worth more than double the points for clearing one line. So clearing four lines at a time, known as getting a Tetris, is worth a tremendous amount of points, and is one of the most important strategic concepts to know.

Leave a one-square-wide gap on the side of the Matrix to prepare for a Tetris. Build up Tetriminos on the opposite side of the gap to avoid blocking the gap. Don’t drop the I-Tetrimino into the gap until you have at least four complete lines built up in your stack.

Tip: The I-Tetrimino is the only one that will clear four lines at once, making them extremely valuable; you want to be ready for when one appears. The best thing to do is build up a stack of Tetriminos, leaving one column on either the far left or far right side open. Concentrate on not leaving any gaps in the stack. You can let this stack grow and grow while you wait, because once you nail a Tetris the stack will shrink considerably. Be careful, though—leave one misplaced block over that long open gap and you’re in big trouble!

The Next Queue

In the typical Next Queue you can see the next five Tetriminos that will fall. However, in N-Blox, only the next Tetrimino will be shown. Use the Next Queue to help you keep your stack with as few gaps as possible so that you can score a Tetris whenever an I-Tetrimino shows up. The usefulness of the Next Queue is hampered by not having a Hold Queue; ordinarily the two Queues work together to give you plenty of options—in N-Blox your decisions will be much simpler.

Tip: When there’s only one Tetrimino visible in the Next Queue, you’re limited in how far ahead you can plan. Remember that only Tetrises pay big in N-Blox, so at least you won’t have to keep your eyes open for T-Tetriminos.

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