Tips and Strategies

Take your Tetris game to the next level with our helpful tips. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned vet, we hope you’ll find information here to help you improve. We’ve organized the tips several different ways: view by skill level, by game variant, or jump straight to the topic you’re looking for.

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Tips by Skill

Just learning how to play Tetris? A pro with visions of Tetriminos in your sleep? Learn more about
Tetris in the section that suits you best.

A great way to learn strategy is to see the top players in action. Watch replays on the Leaderboard page to pick up new techniques.

Tips By Game Mode

Different Tetris variants call for different techniques. If you're looking to improve your skill set for a particular game, this is the place to be. Select the game you want to improve on to see the strategies we think will help your game.

Tips By Topic

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Tips by Game Mode
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