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Remember the days when ice cream cones cost 65 cents and gasoline was under a dollar a gallon? Things may not have been as easy or convenient as they are present day, but the extra effort put forth made the reward that much more satisfying. Well, we’re bringing those memories back with our newest Mission of the Week! Perform 20 Tetrises in Tetris 1989 to receive the aptly-named Old School Badge. Play Now!

Be sure to check the site each week for new Missions and other exciting events. If you miss out on the free Mission of the Week, you can always reactivate it with Tokens via the Missions Inventory page.


It’s hard to believe this year is already coming to a close and the winter holidays are just around the corner. Before we get too giddy about what’s under the tree, let’s not forget to take some time to reflect on the past. As many of you know, Tetris has been around for over 2 decades, celebrating 25 years as one of the best video games ever made. In remembrance of this achievement, be sure to visit the site on Monday to take a little trip back into time for an all-new Mission of the Week! (Hint: the year was 1989, and a new hand-held game took the gaming industry by storm).


For our loyal Tetris Friends supporters, new Accessories to spend those hard-earned Tokens on have finally arrived. Take advantage of the new Mino and Ghost styles just released!

And for a unique twist, we’ve been working on new ways to further customize your gameplay. Final touches are being made and will be ready for you to take advantage of next week. Be sure to capitalize on what’s new and let your friends & foes feel the agony of defeat.


Man the battle stations and prepare to defeat your foes in Tetris Battle 2P. In order to earn the "Devilish Deed" badge, you’ll need to send an astonishing total of 500 lines to your opponents before the end of the week. So roll up those sleeves and start sending lines today, because this deed is sure to bring out the devil in all of us.

Don’t forget, new Missions are available every Monday. If you miss out on the free Mission of the Week, you can always reactivate it with Tokens via the Missions Inventory page.


Before you spin your way out of control with this week’s mission, keep in mind that Mission Monday is right around the corner! HINT: We suggest brushing up your skills in Tetris Battle 2P while you still have time. The next mission may get a little ugly and could bring out the devil in you.

For our loyal Tetris Friends supporters anxiously awaiting the arrival of the New Accessories, we regret to inform you that our plan to roll out some new Accessories today has been delayed. Please keep an eye out next week for an update.


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