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To accommodate your busy holiday schedules, we're loading up the Tetris Arena with 6 holiday challenges!

Starting today, you can go to the Tetris Arena and compete in the Arena Challenge for a chance to win a crown and some extra rubies and tokens!

Can you earn a crown in all 6?

    Challenge 1: Dec. 19-20, No Items/T-Spin Maps
      Challenge 2: Dec. 21-23, Basic Items/Classic Maps
        Challenge 3: Dec. 24-25, Party Items/Combo Maps
          Challenge 4: Dec. 26-27, No Items/No Maps
            Challenge 5: Dec. 28-30, Basic Items/T-Spin Maps
              Challenge 6: Dec. 31-Jan. 1, Party Items/Classic Maps

            When you're not playing in an Arena Challenge, you can rank up faster in Arena with the Speed Up item, on sale now in the Tetris Friends shop!

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Did you know there are several different ways to earn Tetris Friends rubies?

Check out the Tetris Friends offer wall to see if there are any opportunities available in your area. Some offers are as easy as watching a video or filling out a survey.

Earn your rubies today and then go to the Tetris Friends Shop to buy Tetris Arena items and fully customize your Tetris Friends experience or go to the Missions area and use your rubies to play one of our cool Premium Missions!

Make your wins count for more in the Tetris Arena. For a limited time, you can get the Speed Up Arena Item for 50% off!

Speed Up doubles the amount of experience points you earn for each victory. Go fast and win! Find this and other items on sale at the TETRIS FRIENDS SHOP today!

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Want to play Tetris in a different way? Try TETRIS FRIENDS PREMIUM MISSIONS!

For a limited time, all Premium Missions are on SALE for only 5 Rubies! Click to try a mission and start collecting your BADGES today!

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The hardest of hardcore Tetris players can be found in the HardDrop.com community, and the finals of its second annual tournament will take place right here in the Tetris Friends Arena!

Want to see Tetris masters battle it out for 1-on-1 Tetris supremacy? Watch the finals of Tetris Tournament Online II, sponsored by Blue Planet Software and Tetris Friends Online Games, at 7:30 p.m. EDT on Saturday Oct. 6. The event will be streamed live at http://twitch.tv/harddrop.

After the match, get in on the action yourself and play this weekend's Arena Challenge for a chance to wear the Arena crown.


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