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Holiday Arena Challenge Spectacular!

Dec 19, 2012

To accommodate your busy holiday schedules, we're loading up the Tetris Arena with 6 holiday challenges!

Starting today, you can go to the Tetris Arena and compete in the Arena Challenge for a chance to win a crown and some extra rubies and tokens!

Can you earn a crown in all 6?

    Challenge 1: Dec. 19-20, No Items/T-Spin Maps
      Challenge 2: Dec. 21-23, Basic Items/Classic Maps
        Challenge 3: Dec. 24-25, Party Items/Combo Maps
          Challenge 4: Dec. 26-27, No Items/No Maps
            Challenge 5: Dec. 28-30, Basic Items/T-Spin Maps
              Challenge 6: Dec. 31-Jan. 1, Party Items/Classic Maps

            When you're not playing in an Arena Challenge, you can rank up faster in Arena with the Speed Up item, on sale now in the Tetris Friends shop!

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