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Is the Newest Mission Really a Piece of Cake?

Oct 19, 2009

Yes, for many of you, this week’s Mission is the ultimate piece of cake! All we ask of you is to have a minimum of four (4) "Back-to-Back" Tetrises or T-Spins in Tetris Sprint before the end of the week. The easiest way to earn a "Back-to-Back," is to perform two consecutive Tetrises without any additional Line Clears in-between. If you’re curious why some of these Missions seem so easy, it’s because we’re just getting started—the more challenging Missions will come soon enough. Also, not everyone who participates in the Missions is familiar with all of the cool ways to score bonus points in Tetris, so consider this an ongoing training session.

Be sure to check the site each week for new Missions and other exciting events. If you miss out on the free Mission of the Week, you can always reactivate it with Tokens via the Missions Inventory page.


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