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Were You Born a Tetris Champion?

Oct 12, 2009

In honor of the newly declared, Mission Monday, we’re pleased to announce the latest challenge for you to demonstrate your fancy footwork with. The goal of this week’s Mission is step into the ring of Tetris Battle 2P, and win fifteen (15) 1st-Place knock-outs in your respective weight-class before the end of the week (October 18th)! If you are able to accomplish this before Mickey throws in the towel, you’ll walk away with the "Born a Champion" Belt, um, err, Badge. Good luck, and keep hittin'em in the ribs.

Be sure to check the site each week for new Missions and other exciting events. If you miss out on the free Mission of the Week, you can always reactivate it with Tokens via the Missions Inventory page.


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